Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Does It Mean To Be A Team Beachbody Coach?

A little over six months ago I finally gave one of my best friends a chance and took her up on her offer to try her Shakeology. Up until that point I took a very prideful and firm stance against the stuff and adamant that, "I was not a shake person." But I just couldn't say no to one of my best friends and told her I would try it "only for a little bit, but don't expect anything to come of it."

Like I said, that was SIX MONTHS ago. And something came of it. Something big! I not only discovered that I not only enjoy my daily Shakeology shake, but I now actually crave it. More importantly I not only have gained strength and have changed physically, but I have changed mentally and emotionally for the better. I have connected with other like-minded people that push me to be a better person and have been part of other's physical, mental, and emotional transformations that are, and I say this with no hyperbole, life-changing. Never could I imagine that doing something that I love and that brings me so much joy could actually also help us financially, but that's a tremendous perk to this position. It pays and it pays very well when you simply do the steps that are already laid out for you.

Have you ever wondered if this Team Beachbody Coaching this was for you? Let's think about it!

  • Do you love to help others and consider yourself motivated and hardworking?
  • Do you have a passion for clean eating, health, and fitness?
  • Would earning just a few hundred extra dollars a week help to pay bill, buy groceries, or reduce debt? 
  • Would you like to earn that money working from home on a part-time basis?
  • How would you feel about earning a six-figure income with 1-2 years?
  • Do you daydream about quitting your full-time job?
  • Want something to keep you accountable to your OWN health & fitness goals?
  • How would you feel if you could be your own boss and make your own hours?
  • Do you want a job that is personally fulfilling, financially rewarding, and motivating to others?
  • Do you find yourself already giving health and fitness advice or helping people stay-on-track with their own goals?
  • And are you able to DREAM BIG?

What happens if you decide to join me as we reach out to help end-the-trend-of-obesity? What happens when you believe in your heart that Every One Counts? 

By joining me and my team you'll receive:

  • Exclusive 1:1 mentoring & support
  • Be part of the Number 1 team in ALL of Team Beachbody, The Dream Team
  • Access to different success tracks depending on your business style. Fast-Track or Traditional
  • Fitness program of your choice
  • 1 month of Shakeology
  • Opportunities to be invited to special Team Beachbody Events such as Diamond Retreats, Leadership Events, and Team Beachbody's yearly Summit event!

Here are some of the benefits of being a Team Beachbody Coach:

  • Get paid to be healthy and fit all while helping others so the same
  • Get paid weekly
  • Work your own hours and expand a business in as little as 1 hour a day
  • 25% commission on all sales
  • Have income potential that is literally unlimited
  • Work from your own home....even your kitchen table!
  • Specific team bonuses and incentives
  • 25% discount on all products, including Shakeology
  • Receive monthly incentives, rewards, and promotional gifts from Team Beachbody HQ 
  • Learn how you can coach your own Fit Club members and/or Beachbody classes if that interests you
  • Be part of a supportive, motivating, goal-getting, and FUN team!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: You NEED NOT be in great shape or already have a physical transformation to join my team! You do not need to have a degree or be a personal trainer. There is no experience required because I will teach you everything you need to know to be successful in this business. I'm sure you're saying, "but I'm not a salesperson. I hate salespeople." And you're right! I said the same thing!! You are NOT SELLING anything, but sharing your experiences with others to help them become healthier and feel better both inside and out!

ACTIVE MILITARY & VETERAN DISCOUNT: If any of the following applies to you then you receive the military discount:

  • active duty military service members
  • military service members wounded in action
  • honorably discharged veterans
  • the spouse or domestic partner of an active duty service member, military service member wounded or lost in action

The discount you receive is that your Coach Enrollment Fee is WAIVED as well as your monthly maintenance fee for your websites. You can enroll and start your business for FREE! Ask me how!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Healthy At-Home & On-the-Go Snacks

A question I get a lot about clean eating is about snacks. I probably view snacks different than most people because I consider most anything a snack and/or a meal. I'll eat soup for breakfast happily, so eating it for a snack, to me, is also okay. I tend to not eat "on-the-go" unless on-the-go happens to fall at an actual meal time. I try to ask myself if I'm hungry enough to make a meal and if I'm not, I'm probably looking/scrounging for something out of habit rather than hunger. That being said, there are times when it's just the right time for a little bite so that you don't get {hangry} and overeat at dinner or binge on something that you'll regret later. As much as I try not to snack, let's face happens! My opinion is to snack healthy so that you can snack happy during and AFTER the noshing.

I have broken down my ideas for snacks into a couple different categories: Big Snacks, Dips & Dressings, For Little Fingers, and Pre-Packaged. Of course you know this list is not exhaustive, so please check out the links to other recipes and blogs that I provide to help you expand your go-to snack/light meal list.

chicken & veggie soup: broth, chicken, and veggies only
apple butter (recipe coming soon!)
homemade mayo (tuna/chicken salad)

creamy taco sauce: homemade mayo + taco sauce = great salad drizzle
creamy salsa: mayo + salsa of choice
pizza dip: chopped uncured pepperoni + Classico brand pizza sauce

PB & J sticks: cut the sandwich into strips aka sticks
homemade PB cracker sandwiches: clean ritz-like crackers with natural (peanuts, salt only) peanut butter...or almond butter...or sunbutter

Goldfish crackers: 
(Yes, we eat these. They are better than {most} of the snacks I see kids eating.)

Don't forget Pinterest!
Blogs that I refer to often when in need of some ideas:

What other places to you routinely go to for healthy snack ideas?
Please share those and some of your own ideas in the comments below!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

21 Day Fix EXTREME & Beachbody ON DEMAND

The countdown is officially on...and well, I sorta missed it by three days. Instead of me being 21 days from the launch of Beachbody's newest workout, we're actually 18 out from February 2nd -- the official launch date of 21 Day Fix EXTREME created by the same amazing fitness tour-de-force that created The 21 Day Fix. The Elite Coaches at Beachbody have already had a sneak-peak to this new intense and extreme home workout, but in less than three weeks you will have the chance to get even leaner than with "The Fix" right in your own home.

I mentioned the 21 Day Fix EXTREME briefly here, but now we know more about since hearing a first-hand explaination from Autumn herself at Pittsburgh's Super Saturday event. A Super Saturday, though in our case Friday, is a meeting and training session hosted by veteran Beachbody coaches simultaneously throughout the country. We receive tips, training, motivation, awards, and we also receive a preview of what's coming up within the world of Beachbody. Our last Super Saturday (Friday) we had the privledge of hosting Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, and of course Autumn Calabrese. She said very matter-of-factly that 21Day Fix Extreme is not for beginners, but rather for those who have graduated from 21 Day Fix, are looking to up their fitness level, or are looking to get into a fitness competition. There is an eating plan included with this new program, but it's truly dialed in nutrition with no treats and no cheats. If you're looking to achieve YOUR ideal body, then this is the program for you because you WILL put the time into it so that you see results.

Knowing this about the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Beachbody is also keeping high amounts of 21 Day Fix on hand because it's so powerful in getting lasting results when followed properly....and following the original "Fix" is thought to be easier than the "Fix EXTREME."

Having just completed Insanity MAX:30 by the time Fix EXTREME is released, you better believe that I will be getting the Fix EXTREME and crushing goals for the next 21 days. It's only three weeks and everyone can something for 3 weeks!! Even YOU!

Message me, email me, or call me if you want more information or to talk about if the program is right for you. (And yes, there is a modifier!)

Here's a preview again of what the 21 Day Fix EXTREME is all about:

The countdown is also on....and was long time coming...for Beachbody ON DEMAND. And just like the name implies, it's a streaming feed you can get on any device, anywhere, at the touch of a button. And's not the most obscure Beachbody programs out there. The entire P90X series is on there. Shaun T's Insanity is on there. Body Beast is on there. Tons of workouts, tons of nutritional information, and tons of motivation with ease of access so that there is {no excuse} to miss your workout!  I get to preview this new digital Beachbody in the month of February and you better believe that I will take full advantage of watching some of these videos --- P90X3 is on my Vision Board for 2015 and I think I might just have to ask some friends to join me. It's just a Team Beachbody Club membership along with Shakeology daily.  Check out the video below and I'll let you know how it goes come February!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HBH: Weeks 11 & 12

| | | HOME BUILD HAPPY | | |

The Snow, The Stairs, & The Second Floor

Whelp, it happened. The snow finally came. The very cold weather that is Winter finally came. The it's-too-cold-to-work-outside finally came. It's frustrating to say the least, but there is nothing that anyone can do about the weather so we just charge forward. David actually works outside (inside a completed open house?) in the cold temperatures as long as they aren't in the teens. 

What's fortunate is that the stairs need to be built from the bottom up and the bottom means working in the totally enclosed basement. Tarps were nailed on the door openings, so it's surprisingly "warm" in the basement. Yes, it's still cold, but there is no wind and there are times when the torpedo heater is turned on to make the basement and working area more comfortable.

The following picture is the view of the stairs from the front entrance door.

A view of the stairs leading to the basement.

An underneath view of the stairs while standing on the basement floor.

Adam is standing next to the tarped-off basement door. In the foreground is a stringer for the stairs. It is what holds the treads in place for you to step on while going up or down the stairs.

The other corner of the basement -- the long plank of wood on the left is going to be another stringer. David will use a circular saw to start the cuts and then Adam will use a hand saw to get into the tight corners. The end result is the zig-zag pattern seen above.

Below is a picture taken on our second floor from the back corner of the house. This area I'm standing in will be our office/study and Adam tells me that I'm where our desk will be in a couple of months.

So I naturally asked why our desk couldn't be in this corner as I took this shot. 

The hole you see in the floor is where the stairs will begin/end depending on your travel direction. The area beyond the wooden studs will be two bedrooms. Either two boys' rooms or one boys' room and one play room. We're still undecided about which is the better option for our family.

The following set of pictures are just "panoramic" shots of the boys' rooms. 

And the mastermind behind this whole crazy project himself. He's leaning on the safety wall he built so that no one falls down the stairwell hole. 

This coming Saturday we're (hopefully) putting the trusses on the frame for the roof, topping them with sheeting (4 ft x 8 ft sheets of plywood), and then finishing the sheeting with roofing paper. Prayers for good weather and the safety of our friends and family working are appreciated!!